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Dwemer Sky Glider - by Mykul (

- Dwemer Sky

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Given to me by one of my Dwemer friends, this glider (with flying pants) will let you soar the skies in comfort and ease. Just equip the glider and pants and away you go! See the countryside in style throughout your travels. I left the glider in Balmora, in the main courtyard by some rocks for you to use. Oh, the pants you need to wear are under the glider on the ground.

Black Cloak of Mykul - by Mykul (

A simple black cloak for theives, magic users and anyone that just wants to look cool.
- Black Cloak of

The Balmora Surprise - by Mykul (

Wander around Balmora to find a surprise guest star. I think you will find this a good laugh!
- The Balmora